Types Of Maps Of Earth

Cylindrical equal-area composite map projection used for world maps. Political maps physical maps road maps topographic maps time zone maps geologic maps and zip code maps are all examples of reference maps.

Types Of Regions By A L Within World Region Map East Europe Map South Pacific

Cylindrical map projections are one way of portraying the Earth.

Types of maps of earth. Shows the average weather of a region. Show students the three provided maps. As you project each read its title aloud.

Draw the following symbols. Thematic maps are used to display the geographical distribution of one phenomenon or the spatial associations that occur between a number of phenomena. Examples of general reference maps include maps found in atlases and topographic maps.

Physical maps show geographic features such as mountains soil type or land use. Use the topographic map that your teacher gives you to answer the questions on the lab sheet. Ask students to name what they see on the map.

General reference maps document landforms national boundaries bodies of water the locations of cities and so on. Shows the natural features of an area such as mountains rive. A map is not a photograph of the Earths surface.

Maps are a way of showing many things about a portion of the earths surface on a flat piece of paper that can be carried and transported easily. In this lesson were going to discuss maps specifically the different maps that well look at throughout this entire Earth Science video course. This kind of map projection has straight coordinate lines with horizontal parallels crossing meridians at right angles.

Lets learn about them through this animation. Some of the most common types are political physical topographic climate economic and thematic maps. Drawn about 2000 years ago Ptolemy is credited with creating the first map of the world.

A variety of reference maps have been created for almost every country of the world. Three of these common types of map projections are cylindrical conic and azimuthal. – Hi and welcome to the Earth Science video course.

Depending on configuration the projection also may map the sphere to a single diamond or a pair of squares. Political Maps Physical Maps Topographic Map Climatic Map Economic or Resource Map Road Map and more. This map shows the true size and shape of Earths landmasses but the distances are mainly distorted.

There are different kinds of maps including dimensional static dynamic and interactive maps. Maps have been in use since ancient times when they may have been produced and used as necessary tools for identification and navigation. Orient your map by turning it so that the top is north.

Explain that maps are miniature versions of places on the Earth. It can show many things that a picture cannot show and as a result a map looks different in many ways from a photograph of the Earths surface. Make use of Google Earths detailed globe by tilting the map to save a perfect 3D view or diving into Street View for a 360 experience.

Share your story with the world. Political maps emphasize territorial boundaries and human settlement. Normally it is presented with multiple interruptions.

A family of map projections that includes as special cases Mollweide projection Collignon projection and the various cylindrical equal-area projections. Explain that the small pictures are symbols. Its equal-area property makes it useful for presenting spatial distribution of phenomena.

Click Here to view Legend. Hybrid of Collignon Lambert cylindrical equal-area. By mapping different rock types geologists can determine the relationships between different rock formations which can then be used to find mineral resources oil and gravel deposits.

There are three types of map which help us know about a region. Planar Azimuthal or Zenithal projection This type of map projection allows a flat sheet to touch with the globe with the light being cast from certain positions including the centre of the Earth opposite to the tangent area and from infinite distance. The Park Map the Neighborhood Map and the Community Map.

Shows transportation routes and roads in a particular area. A map that shows the names and borders of countries. 7 12 quadrangle topographic map of local area xerox copy of immediate school area.

Read and learn about 8 different types of maps. Geological maps show not only the surface but characteristics of the underlying rock fault lines and subsurface structures. Types of Maps Simply defined maps are pictures of the Earths surface.

A geologic map is a map of the different types of rocks that are on the surface of the Earth.

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